Fees and Payment Mode

Admission Fee
Particulars Officer JCO OR Civilian
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Annual Fee
Particulars Officer JCO OR Civilian
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Total 2010 1720 1510 3500

Monthly Fee
Particulars Officer JCO OR Civilian
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Fee Payment Mode

Online payment of School Fee is available at SBI Collect. Ensure about the security policies of bank transactions and that you are accessing a secure web site or secure payment app. Ensure the url has https or lock symbol secureity. Ensure to toggle CAPSLOCK in keyboard appropriately because, most often, login is denied for unintentional errorneous passwords. Generally, PaSswOrdS are case sensitive. Disclaimer Army Public School does not have any liability arising out of bank related matters and that it should be dealt with the bank if the case be. The information regarding screens of SBI website may change and hence we request parents to be vigilant of changes by the bank and adopt best practices as advised by the bank.

Fee should be paid online ONLY as advised from 1st of every quarter i.e. April/ July / Oct/ Jan.

From 02nd to 10th of the month: Rs. 0.00

Upto 20th of the month: Rs. 100.00

Upto 30th of the month: Rs. 200.00

Upto 30th of next month: Rs. 400.00

Upto three months: Rs. 750.00

Thereafter: Re- admission charges re–admission will be given subject to vacancy. If fee is not paid for one quarter name of the student will be struck off rolls.

State and Type

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