Virtual Class Room

Covid19 Lockdown Mitigation

APS Begining
When the pandemic threat was iminent, government had announced lockdown of civic functioning except for basic amenities. All Schools were asked to shutdown all of a sudden.

Mitigation was planned and actioned. Staff were asked to give inputs on selection of teaching methods during this period. Google Classroom was felt to be well organized structured environment that suited to the mission. Other available solution like UOLO , Class groups on Whatsapp was put forth and used. Till date Class room assignments are happening through teachers effort to support childrens stuides.

Google Classroom

APS Growth
Virtual Classes are Created. ID is sent to Students. Materials Prepared will be uploaded. Notification goes to students about the update. Teachers will send mesaage in the whatsapp group about the lessons, assignments, test and so forth. Students will self study with guided voice over for certain subjects. In other cases Reading material will be shared and questions will be given for evaluation.
People were constantly communication with the help of UOLO as was in normal days. Considering public examinations, 10 and 12th standard students were given first preference.

Assignments & Assessments

Note Upto 25th Apr, documents are archived. After 25th-Apr, documents are periodically updated for Viewing. Check Last Update at the top of the document after opening.

S.NO Subject Up to 25 Apr After 25 Apr
1 XII 25-Apr .xls
2 X 25-Apr .doc
3 IX 25-Apr .xls
4 VI-VIII 25-Apr .xls
6 Primary English 25-Apr .doc
7 Primary Maths 24-Apr .doc
8 Primary Hindi 24-Apr .xls
9 Primary EVS 24-Apr .doc
10 Library Info 24-Apr .pdf
11 Physical Ed. 24-Apr Folder
12 Art and Craft 24-Apr Folder
13 Music 24-Apr Folder

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Dedicated Discussions

Google tools can complement the effectiveness of classroom discussions. With online discussions, teachers can view and select individual student responses to deepen further discussion for the whole class. This way, the teacher is using the thinking of students to drive instruction for the entire class. Teachers can also use whole-class views to push students’ thinking beyond the material being studied. In addition, online discussions will give a voice to those students are aren’t comfortable speaking up in class. The main thing to remember is that the teacher must model how to post in the online forum.


Using Google Classroom as discussion forum.

Share expectations. When planning for Classroom Discussions, it is important to share your expectations for participation, including the ground rules for the discussion. Sharing a rubric with students will help to clarify your expectations. Create questions. Create a series of questions for the students to think about. Make sure these are open-ended and thought-provoking questions. Your questions could spark controversy (moderate) or draw on common experiences. This way, you will spark a meaningful discussion. Allocate enough time. Discussions take time to get started. Ensure that it’s the students talking and not you. You already know the content being discussed! Facilitate the discussion and adjust instruction, as needed. Monitor what is being said and ask students for clarification. This is where you get an understanding if the student understands the topic being discussed and adjust instruction as needed. Deal with conflict. It is important not to ignore conflicts. If a misunderstanding occurs, make sure you step in and clarify. Do not let certain students dominate the discussion. In addition, make sure that students can freely express their opinion without being laughed at. Summarize the discussion. Provide a summary or some conclusions of the discussion. After the discussion, reflect on what worked well and what you might do differently next time. Think about the students that didn’t participate much or didn’t understand the topic. Source


Special Activity

  • Motivation
  • Say No to lathergy

    Various activities for all age groups to beat boredom
  • Activity 1
  • Habits & Lifestyle
  • Food and Health

    Vitamin A are Army Officers of our body...
  • Activity 2
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