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दृष्टि Drishti … The Beginning (2009)

APS Begining

True to its motto Knowledge is power, Golden Palm Army School began its journey in the month of May 2009. The school was inaugurated by Maj. Gen. E J Kochekkan, AVSM, SM, VSM, the then GOC ATNK&K Area on 26th May 2009. 6th July 2009 will be written in golden letters in the school history when it started functioning with the Principal, 15 teachers and about 300 students. Independence Day was celebrated as its first National festival and Annual Sports day on 23rd Jan.2010.

GPAS silently bid adieu to its students and staff and emerged as APS, Chennai to join the elite group of AWES Schools as its 127th member. The new session commenced on 1st April 2010 with addition of class VIII. The first Annual Day was celebrated on 5th August 2010. It showcased the budding talents of students aptly titled “We are one”. The school reached another milestone by publishing its first magazine “Drishti … The Beginning”.

अभिवृद्धि Growth

APS Begining

The school moved forward to Senior Secondary level with Science, Commerce & Humanities Streams in the year 2013-14. Smart Classes, projects such as Rain water harvesting, Vermi Composting, Solar Power Plant, Water purifiers were executed. NCC was inaugurated by Chairman Maj. Gen. R G Krishnan on 9th July 2014.

उद्घाटन Inauguration

APS Begining

Science Park

खेल दिवस Sports Day

APS Begining

A humble initiative has transformed into a giant leap today. From a small beginning of 300 children, the school has gradually increased to 1020 students.

लचीलाता Resilience

APS Begining

APS resilience from the devasting Chennai 2015 floods and Vardah Cyclone 2016 was a exhibit of strength of unity among stakeholders to bring normalcy of school funcitoning in a short span of time. It is an honour to receive management support in interest of students and society at large.

The resilience is vivid in its character when APS Chennai grew in students strength to 1175 in the year 2016 continuously working for an all round development. The school now has a good School Band and Jazz troupe, Football and Basketball teams at all levels that have started making a mark.

प्रकृति सम्मान APS Earth Care

APS Begining

APS Chennai has stepped into its 10th year, progressing year after year towards its Mission & Vision. APS Chennai in the year 2018-19 has set a standard in school education, demonstrating immense value of conservation of energy and natural resources, by going 100% solar, recharging ground water through multiple rainwater harvesting system and planting nearly 900 saplings in the school campus.

The year 2019-20 will be marked in golden letters as Shreya Mundra, class XII student, scored an outstanding 99.2% in her board exams. This achievement was also recognized by the Prime Minister and she was invited to witness the Republic Day parade from the PMs box at Rajpath, New Delhi as his special guest.

Adding to the greenery of APS Chennai, few more saplings were planted by our students this year also. To satisfy the technological hunger of young minds, a junior computer lab was opened in the primary wing.

Mitigation amidst Covid

APS Begining

As the Pandemic COVID-19 gripped its claws around the entire world, bringing life as we know it to a halt, the teaching and student community of APS Chennai did not lose heart and rose to the occasion. Though the sudden humanity crisis disrupted normal school functions, the teaching faculty adopted technology for imparting education through online mode. With its quality and interactive sessions, the students were not robbed of enjoying their academic year. Various online activities and assignments along with motivational videos were sent to the children to help them feel and savour the school like environment.