Syllabus and Books


Academic Pattern

Book Lists (1-VIII CBSE)

This is to certify that the list of books given below have been perused and approved by a board of Principals and Teachers of the Army Public School and that they have not found anything objectionable in their content
S.No Subject Title Publisher
1 English Text Book Words Worth English Reader 1-5 NCERT 6-8 APC (Avichal Publishing Company) NCERT
2 English Grammar Superb English Grammar 1-5 Mastering Grammar 6-8 P M Publishers Pvt Ltd. Cordova Publications Pvt Ltd.
3 Hindi Text Book Khulte Pankh 1-5 NCERT 6-8 PP Publications NCERT
4 Hindi Grammar Hindi Vyakaran Dipika 1-5, Vyakaran Nikunj 6-8 Savvy Publications(1-5), Rama Publications (6-8)
5 Sanskrit Grammar Sanskrit Vyakaran Nidhi 6-8 Savvy Publications
6 Sanskrit Work Book Abhyas Pustika Ruchira 6-8 Rama Publishing House
7 Maths Text Book New Perfect Composite Maths 1-5 NCERT 6-8 APC (Arya Publishing Company) NCERT
8 Maths Lab Manual Laboratory Manual Maths 6-10 Suman Publications APC (Arya Publishing Company)
9 EVS Think Green Environmental studies 1-5 NCERT 6-8 Maple Tree Books NCERT
10 General Knowledge Know for Sure 1-5 GK Times 6-8 Indiannica Learning Pvt Ltd (Formerly Britannica) Goyal Brothers Prakashan
11 Art & Craft Creations Art & Craft 1-5 Art Festival 6-8 Seagull learning Rohan Book Co Pvt Ltd.
12 Computers IT Planet 1-8 PM Publishers Pvt Ltd.
13 Value Education & life skill Steps of life 6-8 AA Edutech
14 Science Manual Science Lab Manual 6-8 Vishvas publications Pvt ltd.
15 Atlas Primary School Atlas (3-5), Middle School Atlas (6-8) United Publishing House
16 Classes IX - XII - All Subjects NCERT BOOKS NCERT